Four-Week Self-Care Challenge

2 thoughts on “Four-Week Self-Care Challenge”

  1. Hello Manasa
    Gosh, you sound like me. I too wake up early to do “Morning Pages,” then a quick meditation. Morning Pages and Julia Cameron’s book are what encouraged me to start blogging. I started my blog about a year ago, knowing I wanted to write, but rarely taking the time to actually do so. The blog helps, but I often find myself procrastinating or thinking others may not want to read what I’m writing about.
    I cut out sugar about 3 months ago, it has been a process for sure.
    I enjoyed reading your “About” page. Everything was so well put.
    Good luck with your blog and your big move.

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    1. Hi Laura! I am loving Morning Pages in my routine and look forward to reading “The Artist’s Way” later this summer. I relate so much to your feelings about writing (it’s what’s prevented me from posting for more than a year!) One thing I am trying to tell myself is to be authentic and write what I want; the people who share the same interests and are meant to show up will find me :). I appreciate your kind words regarding my “About” page – especially since that’s what tripped me up for so long haha. Thanks for stopping by!


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